Friday, April 9, 2010

Chain Of Fools

Just got done scrubbing down the bathroom (pre painting scrub), was hoping to go for a ride with Pat, one of the Fools. But it seems that Fool has lost his keys. Oh well I'm going anyway, maybe he'll locate the things before I arrive at his casa. That's his Lambretta on the right and my Vespa on the left.

Doctor prescribed tanning booth?

Sure enough...I am on my way now to get fried. Three times a week. Boo!

Read this!

Yo, check this out. Reading "Butcher Bird" right now..."Sandman Slim" is next. Do it.

Chain Of Fools

I ride a vintage Vespa. Italian steel. 1979 P200e. This is my scooter club. We rule.

Right now..

I am laying in bed, listening to Bridgette Bardot. My baby is asleep next to me. Life is at it's finest at this moment.

Malcolm McLaren dies at 64; punk rock godfather managed Sex Pistols -

Malcolm McLaren dies at 64; punk rock godfather managed Sex Pistols -

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How do I feel about this? I sort of don't care, but then I do appreciate what impact the fucker had on this world we live in. Punk as fuck. Everyone dies though. Lucky stiff he is.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Been at this thing called life for about 38 years. About 25 of those years I have been into the punkrock/skinhead way of life. I'll 'splain more about that down the road (or more likely demonstrate). I love music, art and movies (in that order). My daily life consists mostly of work, riding my scoot, and hanging out with my woman, Jenn...ahh, Jenn, I am smiling now. I see two of my three kids one weekend a month and rarely see my oldest. Time spent with them is precious and hard to come by...I love every minute of it and so do they. More on that later.
On this blog I plan to spew fourth all types of seemingly random and unrelated things. The tie that binds them all is my interest in them.