Saturday, July 10, 2010

Been off the road for a couple of weeks.

Man, I tell ya....not having my scoot sux, sux, sux! Not only do I have to rely on Jenn for a ride anywhere (and I'm damn thankful for her), but also, I just miss riding my scooter. The longest I had ever not ridden it since the day I got it was a nine day stretch just under a year ago when I wrecked and broke my collar bone and cracked my pelvis. Hell, even that only kept me off it for a lil' over a week. So, all of my parts (minus the new piston) have been ordered and a new piston has been promised by the folks at Scooter Mercato sometime next week. So, hopefully around this time next week I'll be blogging about how happy I am to be back on the road. Until, drink, sleep, repeat.

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