Friday, April 1, 2011

New Lambrettas in Production.

They are making some new Lambrettas...for more on the story check here.

Deniro, wtf are you doing?

So, I went in a store to do some errands and came outside to find this...

I've never seen this cat before or since.

It's been a while..

Call it the winter blues or whatever you want...haven't much felt like posting on here lately. Guess, I'm attempting to get out of that funk. The Chain Of Fools is becoming active again, which is good. I guess it's finally warming up enough for those people who own other modes of transportation besides just their scooter to get back out on two wheels.  I got Jenn's Lambretta going and am really looking forward to getting her riding. In the mean time here's some recent pics of our scoots: