Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chain Of Fools Scooter Club

So, we all (well, not all but several) managed to get together, grill some meat at Thor's place, drink some beers (not too many!), and get in a ride, before heading down to Empire and then parting ways for the night. Funny thing that happened: So we are sitting there in the back yard, bullshitting, when Thor looks over and says, " Hey Pat, doesn't that look like your old ET2" Sure enough, upon approaching the neighbor we not only found Pat's stolen Vespa (2 years gone almost), but also did some interrogating and figured out that someone we know actually stole it, but he's currently under lock and key for bank robbery, so no revenge happening at the moment. All told, a great night, with some good people, good weather and even better scooters!