Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fred Perry Vespa Special Edition

Well, I wouldn't ride this scooter, but I thought some of you would be interested.

Vespa is collaborating with the Fred Perry fashion brand to make a limited edition of Fred Perry Vespa scooters to celebrate the fashion brand′s 100th anniversary. The Vespa Fred Perry Special Edition will feature the famous laurel leaf logo and Fred Perry detailing. The other feature includes a beautiful seat. The Fred Perry Special Edition will be produced only 100 for Perry's centennial anniversary. It will be sold starting from August in the a few markets such as UK, France, Japan, and the US. Unfortunately Piaggio (the parent of Vespa) has not confirmed the price of its special edition scooter.
Vespa Fred Perry Special Edition
Vespa Fred Perry Special Edition
Vespa Fred Perry Special Edition

Hermitage Grill rises like a fabled phoenix

-click-"Hermitage Grill rises like a fabled phoenix" -click-
And don't forget the slide show!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The Blood: Megalomania

I previously owned some of these books, now I own none and would like to have all again...

Yes, I am doing a post about books that I want. Not the usual sort of thing I post here, but you'll get it. Here's a link to a blog that profiles the famous "Skinhead" author, Richard Allen, nicely. So I don't have to go to the trouble myself!

Those We Left Behind

I think I will systematically find and purchase one book at a time since buying them all at once, though cheaper, is out of the question at the moment. I will include a nice picture of one of the covers which, of course, I'll rip directly from the other guy's blog without permission.
Perhaps even the Youtube vid as well...Fuck it.

Anyway...It's a beautiful day and I am off all night as well as tomorrow. So I off to ride the scoot!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some of the food I've cooked in the restaurant since I started working there...

North Carolina Tamales: A steamed collard green, wrapped around sweet corn and cheddar polenta And smoked N.C> style barbecue (which was , smoked, chopped, and sauced in house).

Locally grown Figs stuffed with artisan Gorgonzola cheese and wrapped in hickory smoked bacon then roasted to sweet, savory and gooey perfection.

This is the "cooker" we smoke our pork butts in to make the N.C. BBQ. We are doing a batch tomorrow that we will take out Saturday to chop and sauce. MMM MMM!

Here is a photo of a photographer from the Times Dispatch taking a photo of another photographer from the Times, who is taking a picture of food from our restaurant for a write up we recently had in the weekly Food section.

New Spare & Rim

It was a nice night to take off that old, dingy spare and that rusty old rim for a new red aluminum rim from FA Italia and a Michelin S1 racing tire ( which will end up as my rear tire as soon as I put some air in it, since my pump is not working).

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chain Of Fools Scooter Club

So, we all (well, not all but several) managed to get together, grill some meat at Thor's place, drink some beers (not too many!), and get in a ride, before heading down to Empire and then parting ways for the night. Funny thing that happened: So we are sitting there in the back yard, bullshitting, when Thor looks over and says, " Hey Pat, doesn't that look like your old ET2" Sure enough, upon approaching the neighbor we not only found Pat's stolen Vespa (2 years gone almost), but also did some interrogating and figured out that someone we know actually stole it, but he's currently under lock and key for bank robbery, so no revenge happening at the moment. All told, a great night, with some good people, good weather and even better scooters!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman Star Yvette Vickers Found Mummified in Home

Former Playboy pinup and B-movie actress Yvette Vickers died at the age of 82. But it wasn't until a year later—last Wednesday—that her mummified body was found in her Beverly Hills home.

Read more here.

Late 50's Cushman Truckster

Was watching the cult classic, SPIDER BABY, with Jenn tonight. To my surprise, during the opening sequence of the film, was a guy riding a late 50's model Cushman Truckster!

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Lambrettas in Production.

They are making some new Lambrettas...for more on the story check here.

Deniro, wtf are you doing?

So, I went in a store to do some errands and came outside to find this...

I've never seen this cat before or since.

It's been a while..

Call it the winter blues or whatever you want...haven't much felt like posting on here lately. Guess, I'm attempting to get out of that funk. The Chain Of Fools is becoming active again, which is good. I guess it's finally warming up enough for those people who own other modes of transportation besides just their scooter to get back out on two wheels.  I got Jenn's Lambretta going and am really looking forward to getting her riding. In the mean time here's some recent pics of our scoots: