Friday, May 21, 2010

The Human Centipede

So, I've been anticipating watching this movie. The story line is so wonderfully depraved while (although not possible) medically realistic. Its based in reality. No horror BS of a decrepit and strange monster of sorts chasing and knifing it's way through some scantily clad teen's summer camp like your typical "horror" movie. It's more of a Dr. Frankenstein, mad scientist type of flick. Only it's premise is so original and twisted: Joining humans surgically at the mouth and anus to form a human centipede. It was wonderfully cast, with a special kudos to the lead role played by Dieter Laser. That dude is just naturally creepy. I also appreciated the fact that the front human in the centipede was cast as a Japanese dude, who speaks no English, while the rear two were dumb American broads from NYC on a European vacation. I like that it isn't overly graphic and leaves most to the imagination, although I think it needed at least one scene of the natural pulling and tearing that I'd imagine would happen if I found myself in the same situation. I will say that the spiral staircase sequence made me pucker a bit. I liked the artiness of it all: the domicile of said mad scientist, to include huge paintings of conjoined twins and the subtle nuance of the three candles on the coffee table while the stark white of the basement laboratory set the stage for some very sick, very German and Japanese, style of depravity. I also found the costumes worn by the madman to be inspired in that they looked very medical, very German couture, and very Japanese traditional all at the same time.  Overall, definitely worth a watch but still left me wanting more...Stay sick!
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